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We, Hajana Technologies are salesforce partners for CRM(Customer relationship management) platform.

Founded in the year 2014, Hajana Technologies has come a long way from its beginning. We are highly caliber and having capabilities to develop and implement any Salesforce CRM applications (apps).

We engaged in providing contemporary and aesthetic Salesforce CRM Solutions for various industry sectors like manufacturing, retailing, automobiles, life science, etc. with utmost perfection in developing and implementing the various kinds of Salesforce CRM applications.

We are well established in the market and our clients known for our accuracy, reliability, high performance and delivering the best of our clients.


We bring your business a new life and fast growth with our challenging and creative work

Our main motto is to achieve appropriate decisions, Interaction and Successful deals with our customers eternally.


We Make Our Customer as a Family to a meaningful in the moments that matter most and travel eternally

We are there for you to help and support you throughout your journey at the right channel and the content is always relevant to the receiving audience, be it yours Employees, Partners or Customers.


Hajana Technologies

“Team of great Dreamers” delivers our work as a Customer Success

We are leading Salesforce Partner. We help you reach your goals and create outstanding customer experiences using Salesforce technology. At the core of our expertise is a deep understanding of Salesforce solutions and of our customers’ businesses. Regardless of whether your focus is sales, marketing or customer care, we can combine your data, processes, and technology to make meaningful customer moments and drive your success. Since 2014 Hajana Technologies has grown to become leading Salesforce Partner with more than 200+ experts and over 150+ number of Customers. At the core what we do is our commitment to customer success and we value our people.

We're proud partners of Salesforce.com

Our 10 out of 10 Customers Satisfaction Rating is Something we're quite proud of !

We have demonstrated excellence in implementing solutions to intricate and complex business problems using Salesforce.com

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+1 (669) 235-6845

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439 west Audubon drive Fresno California , USA 93711

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