Sales Cloud  

Gives your sales team the tools to close more deals faster, increase productivity, and keep their pipeline filled with solid leads – from anywhere…

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Service Cloud  

Empower your customers by creating premium service journeys across all channels possible for the customer even across numerous service encounters alongside all channels…

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Marketing Cloud  

Streamline your marketing efforts onto a focussed audience and create exceptional cross-channel customer journeys that deliver personalised experiences throughout the marketing & sales funnel…

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App Cloud  

Develop and manage custom applications for specific business needs to engage with customers, employees, or communities…

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Community cloud 

Maximise engagement in your organisation by connecting with all stakeholders of your business by connecting and collaborating with customers, audience, partners and employees.

Commerce cloud 

We have seen a tremendous improvement in the speed at which we are able to add new features, with the Salesforce platform. By connecting your internal sales department to Salesforce, we can customize, automate, and connect your business processes to technology, allowing you to make more data-driven and insightful decisions regarding the services handled by an e-commerce platform…

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Pardot automation helps marketeers generate new leads, increase the pipeline size, and empower sales to close more deals…

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Ensure faster monthly reporting giving staff and executives real time insights, quicker payment processing and insights to fine tune growth strategy with Mulesoft…

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Einstein AI 

Increases your team’s productivity, enables you to make informed marketing predictions, engages the community, helps you discover insights, and offers a smart app building…

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CRM Analytics 

It’s becoming quite evident that keeping customers happy requires more than a smile and a thank you in today’s business world. CRM analytics are programs and processes that collect and analyze customer data and present any findings in an understandable, user-friendly format. Our team will assist you in analyzing the data in order to make smarter and more customer-centric business decisions…

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Tableau enhances Customer 360 with analytics apps, dashboard templates, and seamless product connections. Teams across your entire company can easily learn more from their data right in the flow of work.


Veeva CRM is a cloud-based CRM system for the life sciences industry. Veeva CRM delivers integrated multichannel marketing, up-to-date alignments and actionable insights

Sales CPQ 

Configure quotes with speed and accuracy. Streamline pricing, discounting, and approvals. Spend less time in spreadsheets and emails, and more time selling and closing deals. Deliver branded proposals within Sales Cloud. Get the next generation of billing and revenue recognition.

Integration Cloud 

We connect to various other systems your company might employ through either middleware or direct integration solutions.


Salesforce IoT platform is outlined in such a way that it can process massive data generated by various sources such as CRM packages, clients response, sensors and so on. Salesforce IoT cloud includes the process of data streaming, real time processing filtering the data and analytics.

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