Mulesoft Salesforce Services

MuleSoft Salesforce Services

MuleSoft Salesforce Services brings a new unified solution for automation, integration, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that easily automates any workflow and system for your team. It helps your team to quickly adapt to constant change and business complexity. This makes it easy to consolidate data to deliver a single view of the customer to build connected experiences.
The solution now includes no-code capabilities to automate repetitive manual tasks using bots with MuleSoft RPA (robotic process automation). It can quickly connect data from any system, such as Slack with MuleSoft Composer. The new capabilities are fully integrated into Salesforce Flow, a comprehensive suite of automation technologies across the Customer 360 to increase efficiency and productivity and deliver unparalleled experiences.

MuleSoft capabilities facilitate co-creation and accelerate innovation across IT and business teams. Business teams such as sales can close deals more efficiently and service reps can quickly sync customer records to improve customer service interactions.
The results speak for themselves. Salesforce customers are creating 4.8 billion MuleSoft transactions daily and this saves over 100 billion hours of work every month with Salesforce Flow. Forrester found that MuleSoft customers realise an ROI of 445% within just three years and were able to free up 90% of developer time from maintaining APIs and integrations.

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