Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The salesforce commerce cloud service allows the companies to provide the best services and experiences to their customers. It integrates customer data to provide a better customer experience, either online or in-store. Salesforce commerce cloud provides the leading B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions to the organizations. With the help of commerce cloud, brands can create intelligent, unified purchasing experiences through all the possible channels, such as mobile, web, social media, and offline stores.

Products & Capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce commerce cloud offers mainly two capabilities, which are B2B Commerce and B2C commerce. Combinedly, B2B & B2C Commerce helps to provides different abilities to the customers as per their requirements.

B2B Commerce

Salesforce B2B commerce is the industry-leading, cloud-based e-commerce solution provided by the Commerce cloud. It allows the businesses to fulfill all the business buyer’s complex online purchasing requirements; hence, it is called Business to Business Commerce.

Apart from the customers, different businesses also need online purchasing to run their businesses, such as the automobile factory can make an order of specific types of machines. It empowers the websites and world’s leading companies that spans manufacturing, consumer goods, technology, healthcare, etc.

  • The B2B commerce cloud maximizes online growth, and hence increases the online revenue.
  • It helps the business to engage the customers by making every B2B interaction seamless, relevant and connected. It also helps the businesses to stay connected and respond to every requirement of the customers.
  • It helps to scale the business faster by reducing costs and reallocating the resource.
  • It also allows customizing the B2B commerce sites to fit the industry-based requirements. These commerce sites are designed to manage the large carts and online purchasing that may consist of thousands of items at a time. These sites contain the B2B-specific functionalities, such as:
    • Includes the authenticated sites with login for each visitor.
    • Shopping carts with managing and containing the capability of thousands of items per order.
    • Just two-click orders so that recurring orders can be placed quickly and easily.
    • Allows multiple payment options such as Credit card, Purchase order, and ACH.
    • It provides the negotiated pricing as per the particular account or according to the customer segment.

B2C Commerce

  • Salesforce B2C commerce is the leading, cloud-based commerce solution for business to consumers. It transforms the shopping experience across all the digital channels. It also provides different capabilities to companies such as marketing, content, promotion, customer service, and AI.
  • Salesforce B2C commerce helps businesses by providing unified, intelligent digital commerce experiences, whether online or in-store.
  • Some retailers may need more than one site for their brand to sell their products in different countries. For such cases, the commerce cloud helps retailers launch their sites for multiple brands and manage these sites from a single place. Different features of B2C Commerce are given below.
  • It creates a better digital commerce experience for the customers.
  • It controls the marketing and merchandising by building and launching the campaigns quickly, without any IT support.
  • It also helps boost organic traffic by improving the page rank, SEO optimization, etc.
  • Einstein for the B2C commerce feature helps the businesses by providing the personalized experience and recommendations to the customer without hiring a data scientist.
  • It engages more customers by optimizing the search terms.
  • The Einstein search recommendation reduces the abandoned searches by offering type-ahead personalized suggestions.
  • It allows us to build, customize, and innovate the sites.
  • It helps businesses to explore the global market by managing multiple digital commerce sites available in a different region.

Order Management

  • The salesforce order management system connects the users, systems, and processes from each stage of the order lifecycle in a single centralized system. It delivers the seamless ordering of the products with ease and accuracy. The order management helps the teams by providing the below functionalities.
    • It allows us to see the global view if the complete order lifecycle goes through different selling channels.
    • It manages the Order place, order fulfilment, order delivery from one place.
    • It provides the master repository that contains information on all the orders.

Content Management

  • The salesforce content management system or CMS helps businesses to create, tailor, and provide the required best content for each commerce experience. The CMS system of Commerce cloud has two primary features:
    • Easy Content Management
      • It provides easy content management as you can create the content in one place and provide it wherever required. It provides the CMS workspace-a creative control room. In this workspace, we can develop, manage, and sync everything that we want to show to the customers.
      • The content developer of the site can collaborate and manage the variations for the personalized experience.
      • The CMS system with easy content management allows us to create new blogs, social posts, emails and many other things to build the custom content as per the requirement.
    • Headless Content
      • The CMS system of Commerce cloud allows us to embed and extend the content everywhere.
      • It provides the out-of-box integrations with the Page Designer and experienced builder to create the surface content easily across all the portals. It also contains the prebuilt templates to make the easy deployment.
      • It engages customers by reaching them anytime, anywhere, using any channel.

Commerce Platform

  • The commerce platform enables us to design the connected commerce app that can be easily used. It provides a series of templates and commerce APIs to make the Commerce smarter, faster, and connected. It has the following features:
    • It provides the easy and prebuilt templates that help to build the site with just clicks and drag and drop without requiring any code.
    • It allows us to connect the commerce data with the marketing, Commerce, service, and more, to get the complete view of the customer.

Einstein AI for Commerce

  • With Einstein AI-driven commerce, businesses can increase revenue, productivity, and customer engagement. The artificial intelligence that is built for the e-commerce transformation, can speed up the business growth. It has various features:
    • With Einstein AI, businesses can increase cart size, average old value, and revenue.
    • It provides personalized product recommendations to the customers, and also shows the relevant search result.
    • Einstein AI is available for mobile apps, client tools, and more.
    • Einstein predictive sort automatically provides the search result and category pages based on each action made by the shoppers.
    • The search dictionary of Einstein AI consumes all site searches to provide the popular terms that are not currently available in the customer dictionary.

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