Salesforce Pardot 

Salesforce Pardot

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation solution that works for Salesforce. It works for a business that sells to other companies and automates marketing activities. It unites your marketing and sales departments and enables to work better together.

When you work as a marketer for any enterprise, Pardot offers a centralized location to simultaneously manage all projects by reporting on their success. It tracks the prospects, interacting with your organization across all marketing channels, and enables you to tailor your outreach.

It is possible to customize Pardot to adjust as per your company’s needs.

Why Salesforce Pardot?

People prefer Pardot as smart marketing automation – built on the world’s # 1 CRM platform, Salesforce.
The Pardot Customers find that sales revenue increase by 34 % and marketing effectiveness increase by 37 % on average.
Pardot bridges the gap between sales and marketing. You can combine Pardot with Salesforce to engage and create perfect harmony. Moreover, it enables to track and measure the effectiveness of your campaign, right from the dashboard. Finally, understand the impact that marketing has on your business.

Pardot uses two metrics for Lead Qualification:

  • Prospect Score: It is a numerical value to indicate how interested the prospects are in your product or service, based on specific prospect actions.
  •  Prospect Grade: It gets represented by letters, and indicates how well the prospects fit the ideal prospect profile.

Pardot Email Marketing

Email Marketing sends mass emails, tracks replies, and reports on them. However, there is a difference between Email Marketing and Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation markets effectively online across multiple channels such as email, website, and social media, etc., and automates repetitive tasks.

Pardot Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is one of the popular features of any marketing automation system. It communicates with individual prospects. Thus, it becomes necessary for lead nurturing campaign’s content, with emails or digital ads to be personalized.

Pardot Engagement Studio

Engagement Studio, the next-generation lead nurturing program of Pardot, is the true intelligence engine of the marketing automation platform. It enables us to build, test, and report on engagement programs to engage prospects at every step of the customer journey. It sends targeted emails based on prospect behavior, and critical qualifying values. The programs build a personalized experience with the prospects and turn into marketing-qualified leads.

Quicker decisions

The presence of comprehensive reports and dashboards within the business ecosystem offers an intricate and detailed portrayal of the prevailing business landscape. This not only enhances the precision of sales forecasting but also provides an in-depth understanding of the various facets of the business. The insights derived from these reports enable swift and informed decision-making processes.

Branching Logic In Pardot?

Branching Logic takes customer journeys within the same program. Pardot provides three logical actions i.e. Actions, Triggers, and Rules. When a prospect clicks on an email link, Pardot notifies the concerned sales rep, and if not, the program instructs to send a second email for engagement purposes.

Moreover, the logic option creates customized paths based on interactions. The program logic for engagement program looks at the actions, triggers, and rules that occur after the prospect joins the program.
A prospect that reaches the endpoint cannot go any further but it is possible only if there is a wait buffer stage before the end-stage.

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