Salesforce service cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Welcome to the world of better customer experiences with our Salesforce Service Cloud software! Do you want to make your customers really happy? We’ve got just the thing. Our software is like a superhero for your customer support. It helps you solve problems faster, keeps all customer info handy, and even predicts what they might need. Imagine having all the answers at your fingertips! With Service Cloud, you can respond quickly, make customers smile, and turn them into loyal fans.

Features of Service Cloud

Console for Service

It is a unified platform for managing all cases assigned to an agent so that it can help in prioritizing the tasks at hand. This also helps to provide personalized experience to the customer of each case.

Knowledge base

Customer interactions and resolutions are captured and organized into a knowledgebase. This helps in faster issue resolution.

Social Customer Service

As more and more customers connect with the organization through social media, this feature helps to deliver service on the social media platform itself without asking the customer to visit separate web pages for interaction.

Live Agent

This feature provides real-time online help with its unique chat service.

Mobile Platform

Salesforce1 platform is the mobile platform which manages customer service from any device and any place.

Service Cloud Communities

It allows customers to help themselves by helping each other. Many tools are available for self service on various trouble shooting requirements.

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