What is Salesforce?

What is Salesforce?

What is Salesforce?

It enables teams to collaborate better. Your company may use one Customer 360 application, or many. By enhancing team communication, automating tedious tasks, and uncovering insights through artificial intelligence, our customers create more business value.

Connect the dots between marketing and sales.

Connect all your customer information in one place for campaign planning, audiences and content. Generate personalized AI-powered messages and deliver them directly to prospects where they’re most likely to interact. When prospects click on your ads or your website, an auto-generated message is automatically delivered to sales, letting them know they’ve landed a new lead!

Share more information to close more deals.

Automate every process and workflow to sell faster. Build trusted predictive and generic AI into your customer relationship management (CRM). Automated reminders let you know when it’s time to move on. Sales GPT will create your emails, create customer summaries and even record sales calls.

Reimagine service with trusted AI.

Scale support and increase efficiency – from the touchpoint to the field – with all your information on one single, reliable platform. Streamline mundane tasks and business operations. Give everyone access to AI-powered insights and resources they need to create personalized experiences that increase customer engagement.

Salesforce Customer 360 unites your teams with a single view of customers.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes apps for every stage of the customer lifecycle, from lead generation to customer engagement and loyalty, and they all work together seamlessly on one platform. No matter the size of your business, no matter the industry you’re in, there’s a solution for you.

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